The Forex Breakout Genius

The Forex Breakout Genius trades the GBPUSD currency pair with amazing accuracy by examining the trend of the market prior to the European Forex market open and placing an order in the direction of that trend

The Forex Breakout Genius has an excellent money management feature that allows you to set what percentage of your account you wish to trade and the robot trades the correct amount, automatically increasing your lot size as you account grows. It also has advanced features to protect your trades after it has entered them.

Genius Robot and Gap Robot Manage the Trade?

Yes. After it has entered a trade the robot manages the trade completely by placing a Take Profit level where the trade is closed in your favor and a Stop Loss to limit your risk. After the trade has moved in your favor by preset amount the Stop Loss is automatically moved to Break Even and a Trailing Stop is initiated to protect your profits as the trade nears its Take Profit level.