Fibonacci Swing Trader FST

Fibonacci Swing Trader (FST) is an exciting foundation course and complementary advisory service available exclusively from Forexmentor. Fibonacci Swing Trader DVD Course and Advisory Service by Frank Paul provides you with step-by-step methods to capture medium term Forex trading opportunities. Fibonacci retracement levels can be extremely powerful and critical for swing trading. There are both fibonacci retracement and fibonacci extension levels.

Fibonacci Swing {Trader|trader} methodology offers an unparalleled combination of effectiveness, simplicity of application, and superior Reward/Risk potential to the Forex trader. In fact, there’s no reason we can think of why this system can’t potentially become the cornerstone of your own trading program for the rest of your trading career

What are fibonacci retracement levels?
The fibonacci retracement price levels are 0.236, 0.382, 0.500, 0.618 and 0.764. Your trading software should be able to automatically plot these price levels on your chart. The use of fibonacci levels are so widespread that traders all over the world implement these levels on their charts. Of all the fibonacci retracement levels, the 0.236 is the weakest.