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In 2007, the company MetaQuotes announced the beginning of development of next-generation platform Meta Trader, which at that time was considered the fourth of its kind. Accordingly, with the release of new versions of the terminal under the number "five" users have come to expect in and out of the new built-in programming language - Meta Quotes Language 5.

Two years have passed, and, apparently, to develop a new platform, and with it the language, coming to an end. Back in May 2009, the company announced the abolition of the annual championship of automated trading systems, referring to the completion of work on the development of new terminal.
MetaQuotes have published a tutorial on how to write both an expert advisor and an indicator in MQL5 over on MQL5.com.

Approximately, and in brief, an order is what MT4 used to call a pending order. A deal is what used to be called an open order, except that it needs another deal to close that order, and partial fills may mean that a single order can end up as several deals. A position is an unfamiliar concept to MetaTrader 4 users, and is what you get left with after all your deals are netted together. One lot long followed by 2 lots short results in a net position of one lot short.

If that brief overview doesn't make a whole lot of sense yet take a good look at MetaQuotes very own article on Orders, Positions, and Deals in MetaTrader 5, which also comes complete with several code examples for you to download.

Then in August the same year in share was stumped "Language Reference MQL5», on which, to some extent it is already possible to judge the possibilities of the new language. Therefore, I note that this review is made solely on the basis provided, and may contain some inaccuracies and erroneous conclusions, since the "touch it" language MQL5 Even beta-version, the possibility did not exist.

So, what is new and useful has appeared in MQL5 compared with MQL4