Student On Medical Marijuana Back At School

Student On Medical Marijuana Back At School

A Sierra High School student kept off campus while under the influence has allegedly received an apology from the district’s lawyer and is back in school.

“I don’t want to take away from anyone’s education like mine was taken away from me.”

Shan Moore’s son, who’s name we’re withholding, has a rare disease called Myoclonus Diaphragmatic Flutter and it causes him to have seizure like spasms in his diaphram. At the beginning of every attack, he takes a 10 mg marijuana throat lozenge but back at the beginning of February as Shan Moore was meeting his son with his perscription he says he got a phone call from the Sierra High School.

“I get a phone call from my mother that the school called and said he can’t return because he’ll be under the influence of THC,” said Shan Moore on February 8th.

Despite the phone call Moore took his son back to school on February 10th and took him to the nurses office to make sure it was okay for his son to be in school and show that he wasn’t impaired.

Then four days later, Moore says he got another phone call from the Harrison School District’s Lawyer Kelly Dude who apologized for the miscommunication between the school and uppper management.

“How did you know this person calling you was their lawyer?,” asks FOX21.

“The superintendent gave me Dude’s number and I spoke to him the first Friday all this blew up,” says Shan Moore.

FOX21 called the school district multiple times to confirm the apology phone call and were told they’re following state protocol and to refer to their earlier statement that states: “A patient or primary caregiver shall not: Possess medical marijuana or otherwise engage in the use of medical marijuana in or on the grounds of a school or in a school bus.”

“Are you surprised that the school district doesn’t want to comment to us about what’s going on with your son?,” asks FOX21.

No, I’m not surprised. It’s a sensitive subject and they got thrown in the spotlight and don’t want to comment anymore than they have to.”

FOX21 couldn’t get the district or the district’s lawyer to make any comment because of privacy law. The Moore family wants to take legal action and are in talks with an attorney from Denver to make it legal for nurses to administor medical marijuana on campus.

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